1. Disclaimer and safety warning

Sky Whale VTOL is an industrial product. The high-speed rotating propellers and flying aircraft may cause injury and damage to human beings or property. So please pay attention to the following matters and comply with the related restriction. YANGDA will not take any responsibility for the accident when the user violates the terms.

  1. Do the UAV training and obtain the corresponding license before using the UAV.

  2. Do the calibration, installation, and flight according to the user manual strictly.

  3. Don't do the flight at the no-fly zone.

  4. Don't replace the component which is not approved by YANGDA

  5. Don't approach or touch the rotating propeller to avoid injury.

  6. Don't set up the mission out of the maximum range.

  7. Don't mount the payload out of the maximum take-off weight(MTOW).

  8. Don't fly in bad environments, such as bad weather, or strong signal interference.

  9. Don't fly the drone in the residential area.

  10. Before taking off and landing, please ensure that there are no people or obstacles around the area.

  11. Make sure the lipo battery is fully charged and under a good condition(no damage or swell) for each flight.

  12. Don't use the drone for illegal applications, such as drugs delivery, terrorist activities

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