About device power up and down

Attention !

Please strictly follow the instructions for power-on and power-off. Misoperation will cause the generator to burn out !

1. Power up the device

1.1 The first step is to connect No.01 (3pcs in total: 2 for motors, 1for the flight controller)

1.2 The second step is to connect No.02. (2 × backup battery)

1.3 The third step is to connect No.03. (Power supply from generator)

1.4 After the power is completed, connect the remote controller and the ground station to perform mission planning and other operations.

2. Power-off sequence

Please perform the power-off operations in strict accordance with the sequence of instructions.

  • Step 1 :First disconnect No.03(the power supply from generator)

  • Step 2 : Disconnect No.02(2 × backup battery)

  • Step 3 : Disconnect No.01(3pcs in total, 2 for motors,1 for flight controller)

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