3.5. Warm up the engine:

3.5.1. Switch the drone to manual mode from ground control software, Keep throttle at the lowest position on RC and arm the drone,turn on the engine with RC7 channel (If the RC is from Yangda, RC7 will be the rotary knob in the middle, rotate the knob to the right direction is to turn on the engine, rotate to the left direction is to turn off the engine), engine will stay in idling mode and stay at about 2400rpm, keep the engine in idling mode for 30 seconds at least.

3.5.2. Push the throttle up and down on RC for 3 times and observe the engine RPM.

3.5.3. If the RPM is normal, then put the throttle in lowest position, keep the engie in idling mode for another 30 seconds.

3.5.4. Turn off the engine and finish the engine warm up.

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