The following documents are provided for users:

  • Product parameters & dimensions

  • Installation guide

  • Disclaimer and safety instructions

  • Firstly, read the "Disclaimer and Safe Operation Guidelines", check the product bill of materials according to the "Operation Guidelines", complete the whole machine installation according to the installation steps, and familiarize yourself with the use methods and functions to help the safe flight.

Safty declaration

  • Assembly instructions

1.Ensure that all components are installed before the battery is powered on.

2.Do not remove any bolts that are stuck together.

  • Flight instructions

  1. Ensure propeller/engine/arm firmware are properly installed.

  2. Before each flight, please check whether the INDICATORS such as GPS/EKF on ground control station software are normal.

  3. Make sure all connecting cables are properly and securely jointed before each take off.

  4. When take off, please keep away from people, buildings, high voltage power lines, trees and something others which interference the drone.

  5. Do not overload flight. Pay attention to battery status during flight for safe landing.

  6. When the UAV take off or landing, do not approach the propeller, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

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