5. Engine Troubleshooting

#Issue 1: Engine Rich Fuel Shutdown:

Solution: Remove the spark plug, deplete the fuel in the engine, and clean it. Check the spark plug high-voltage cap connection, screws, and restart the engine. If it still cannot start, please return it to the after-sales service center for repair.

#Issue 2: Engine Stops Shortly After Starting:

Solution: The low-speed needle on the carburetor may be set too low. Adjust the low-speed needle until a smooth idle is achieved and reliably transition to high throttle.

If the engine does not run smoothly in the mid-throttle range or makes a popping sound, it may be due to the low-speed needle being too rich or even the high-speed needle.

#Issue 3: Engine Runs Unsteadily and Vibrates Intensely:

Solution: Balance the propeller, check the ignition timing, check for leaks in the fuel and air hoses. Check if the spark plug is carbonized or cracked. Check if the engine installation is firm, ensure the engine is mounted on a level surface to relieve tension on the crankcase. Check engine and propeller screws.

#Issue 4: Engine Full Throttle Cannot Reach Maximum Normal RPM:

Solution: Check: A. Carburetor settings B. Propeller size C. Engine overheating D. Air filter clogging E. Spark plug issues F. Ignition firing G. Cylinder temperature balance

Determine: A. Muffler connected B. Fuel line connected, and fuel is mixed in the correct ratio

#Issue 5: Throttle Cannot Be Increased After Starting:

Solution: Every time power is applied for the first start, the temperature must rise to above 50 degrees Celsius before the throttle can be increased. If operating in cold weather, take insulation measures as necessary.

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