6.Engine Maintenance

6.1. Carburetor Engine Maintenance

6.1.1. After each flight, if not used for more than a week, clean the carburetor with carburetor cleaner and blow dry with an air gun.

6.1.2. Check the sealing gasket and throttle valve before and after each flight.

6.1.3. When UAV landed to the ground after each flight and, restart the engine, run for 1-2 minutes, then close the fuel circuit, and let the engine naturally shut down.

6.1.4. Before each flight, check the engine, rotate the crankshaft smoothly and steadily, check if the propeller screws are tight, the exhaust pipe screws are tight, and all gaskets are well sealed

6.2. Electronic Fuel Injection System Maintenance

The electronic fuel injection system does not require special maintenance under normal use, but the fuel must be clean to prevent the fuel injector from clogging.

When not in use for a long time, please clean the injector with injector cleaner before storing it, and also drain the fuel in the fuel tank and fuel pump to prevent the formation of gum after the volatile components of the mixed oil evaporate and clog the injector.

6.3. Overhaul Time

Check the engine condition before takeoff and landing each time. The overhaul time varies depending on the flight conditions of different aircraft. Determine whether an overhaul is required based on the engine condition. Before each takeoff, check if the screws of the exhaust pipe and connecting lines, air filter, throttle rod, high-voltage cap, and other accessories are loose, and whether the connector plugs of the connecting lines are loose; check if the spark plug is carbonized and needs to be replaced after accumulating 10 hours of flight; check if the ECU, ignition coil, fuel pump, and power manager are normal on the ground.

It is recommended to do a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the engine every 50 flight hours. Vulnerable parts: gaskets, screws, cylinders, pistons, piston rings, intake valves, impeller seats, impeller shafts, exhaust pipes, ball joint rods.

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