2. Precautions & Setup Information

2.1. Precautions for use

  1. Be sure to install the antenna before powering on the device, and check whether the antenna interface is tight, otherwise the circuit will be damaged.

  2. Please ensure that the power supply voltage of the device is within the specified voltage range, otherwise it will cause circuit damage.

  3. Try to ensure that the device antenna is upright and is not blocked by obstacles, so as to avoid the reduction of transmission distance due to blocking.

  4. Please use the specified type of antenna to ensure that the parameters such as frequency band and impedance match.

  5. During integrated installation, ensure that the device is kept at a certain distance from other electronic devices, and avoid staggered arrangement of antennas or feeders with other lines, so as to reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference. influence of the signal.

2.2. Installation Precautions

  1. Use the L-shaped adapter to make sure that the antenna is straight up, and if it is installed on a drone, make sure that the antenna is straight down.

  2. When installing, please carefully check whether each interface is fastened to avoid loosening of equipment and accessories due to vibration.

  3. The position of the antenna has a great influence on the image transmission distance. Avoid placing any part of the antenna close to the metal equipment, and at the same time keep the antenna open within a short range to ensure the effective transmission of the signal;

2.3. Interface introduction

  • 2.3.1. Air unit

  • 2.3.2. Image transmission connection diagram

  • 2.3.3. Ground unit

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