1.1 Landing gear installation. Both of them open to outside ,the n Tighten with the corresponding screws,At last put the damper tube, make sure the red one are front.

1.2 Installation of backup battery, Install the backup battery to the generator's left and right side.

1.3 Install the generator to the bottom of the fuselage and fast en it with butterfly screws.(GPS is on the head of drone.the cooling liquid mouth is on the back of generator)

1.4 Open the cover,let the oil-out tube through the hole of fuse lage then put the tank inside. Connect the oil-out tube to the oil-in tube of generato r and firm the connector by ribbon.

1.5 Prioritize the installation of aircraft arms with antennas,Be fore installation, fix the antenna with adhesive tape,Then connect the xt90 and BNC plugs an d tighten the sleeves.

1.6 Fix the left and right cooling fans under the aircraft arm respectivel (Refer to the following figure for specific fixing positions)

1.7 Install the remaining aircraft arms. (Connect the xt90 plu and tighten the sleeve)

1.8 After the installation of all arms, in order to prevent th aircraft arms from being loosened due to the vibration caused by flight, please use adhesive tape to reinforce all of the aircraft arms at the joints.

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