3. Settings window

With YDlink, you can do settings such as camera parameter configurations, firmwae update, OSD, Joystick and so on.

3.1. Device discovery

Discover the device online

3.2. Network setup

  • Connect: Display camera's current IP input and output frame rate and resolutions,device software version from this sector.

  • Main stream: Setup of video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, encode package formate, video stream protocol type, video save format.

  • IP configure:Change camera's IP address

3.3. OSD settings

Enable or disable the OSD information on camera video.

3.4. Joystick configure

Connect the Joystick to PC, then configure the channels.

3.5. Remote control

Connect the RC controller to gimbal, then configure the channels.

3.6. General

Set the local snapshot and record file location

3.7. Terminal tool

YDlink can be used as a serial command setting tool. For some functions that YDlink GUI does not provided, you can send commands to the gimbal and camera directly.

3.8. Firmware update

Click on Select to choose the .bin firmware file, click Open and then Start to start upgrade. You will see the upgrade progress on the screen.

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