1. Tutorial video

Check HERE to watch the calibration tutorial video.

2. Accel Calibration

Click SETUP/Mandatory Hardware/Accel Calibration to enter the Accel Calibration.

Accel Calibration needs to be done in two situations:

  1. You just receive the drone and test it for the 1st time.

  2. Test it after leaving the drone in the workshop for over ten days.

3. Level Calibration

Put the drone on the horizon and click Calibrate Level to complete the level calibration.

4. Compass calibration (compass calibration-free drone can skip this step)

4.1 Click SETUP/Mandatory Hardware/Compass to enter the Compass.

4.2 Click Start to start the compass calibration.

4.3 The bar will move forward when rotating the drone in different sides. After the bar is 100%, Click OK and restart the power to complete the calibration.

4.4 Attentions about compass calibration

4.4.1 Keep the drone away from any metal or radio device during the calibration, even metal in cloth, such as a watch, or mobile phone.

4.4.2 Please check the offset after calibration, the value of X, Y, and Z should be less than 300. Otherwise, re-calibrate the compass.

4.4.3 Put the drone on the group and double-check the actual orientation of the head (for example, use the compass on your phone). The value should be within + - 10 degrees compared to the HUD's. Reverse the drone, the value should change accordingly and quickly. Otherwise, re-calibrate the compass.

4.4.4 When the Home position is more than 200km from the last calibration position, re-calibrate the compass.

5. RC controller mode checks

5.1 SD knob of RC controller is down (PosHold): the drone will maintain the current location, heading and altitude with the GPS assistance.

5.2 SD knob of RC controller is middle ( AltHold ): The drone maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally.

5.3 SD knob of RC controller is up( RTL ): drone returns to launch.

6. Remote control action feedback

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