1. Disclaimer

Before using it, please read the relevant clauses of this statement carefully. Once used, it will be deemed recognition and acceptance of all contents of the relevant provisions. Please strictly follow the manual to install and use the product. Caused by improper use of the user YANGDA and its affiliates will not bear any responsibility for any loss.

Regarding the possible semantic differences of the disclaimer in different languages, the Chinese version shall prevail in China, and the English version in other regions shall prevail.


  1. Before flying, make sure the surrounding environment is safe.

  2. Please be sure to fly within the line of sight.

  3. During the mission, if the signal from the remote controller is lost, the aircraft will continue to perform the mission and will not go back home without losing control.

  4. Unless otherwise specified, the altitude is relative to the altitude of the take-off point. For the same flight mission, if the flight starts at different ground heights, the final altitude (absolute altitude) of the flight will also be different.

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