2.2. Introduction to left column functions

2.2.1. Drone connection

  • Connect with Serial port and bardrate 115200 if connect to the drone with USB cable.

  • Connect with TCP IP if connect to the drone with video & data link. Find more details about the IP and Port from UAV user manual.

2.2.2. Map type

Select the map type for the ground station software

2.2.3. Map Zoom in / out

Click to control the zoom in and out of the map.

2.2.4. Locate to drone position

Click to quickly locate the current position of the drone.

2.2.5. Locate to Home position

Click to quickly locate the position of the Home point.

2.2.6. Advanced settings menu Advanced settings - Vehicle Setup - “Firmware” page

Upgrade firmware of the UAV, please contact YANGDA before upgrade the frimware. “Remote control” page “Flight modes” page “Sensors” page

Calibration for UAV sensors. “Power” page “Motors” page

Test UAV motors and servo control surface. “Safety” page

Failsafe configuration and UAV arm checking. “Parameters” page “General” page Advanced settings - App Setting-"General"

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