1. Disclaimer and safety warning

Sky Whale Max Hybrid VTOL is an industrial product. The high-speed rotating propellers and flying aircraft may cause injury and damage to human beings or property. So please pay attention to the following matters and comply with the related restriction. YANGDA will not take any responsibility for the accident when the user violates the terms

  1. The operator is required to complete the operation training of this model licensed by the drone and obtain the corresponding driver's license before using the drone.

  2. It is forbidden to use this drone in the no-fly zone.

  3. Please strictly follow the operating procedures when using drones.

  4. It is forbidden to fly with a flight battery that is not fully charged.

  5. It is forbidden to fly drones with faults.

  6. It is forbidden to fly drones with overload.

  7. It is forbidden to use spare parts and equipment not approved by Yangda UAV in this UAV system.

  8. The UAV system is not rain-proof, please do not fly in rainy and snowy days.

  9. Before flying, please check whether the components of the UAV system are intact. If any parts are damaged, please replace them before flying.

  10. Before flying, please confirm that the propeller, motor, folding arm, wing, and tail are firmly connected without loosening.

  11. Before flying, please confirm that the antennas are firmly connected and pointing correctly.

  12. Before taking off and landing, please make sure that there are no people and obstacles around the aircraft.

  13. Do not unlock the aircraft when there are people or obstacles near the aircraft.

  14. It is forbidden to approach and touch the rotating propeller to avoid injury.

  15. It is forbidden to install the propeller during horizontal calibration, accelerometer calibration and magnetic compass calibration.

  16. After landing, please lock the aircraft in time and disconnect the power of the aircraft.

  17. When it is not working, please do not put the flight battery in the body to avoid long-term loading to prolong the life of the body.

  18. Users are prohibited from dismantling UAV system components, except for replacing propellers.

  19. The idle speed of the UAV engine should not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise it will cause engine damage.

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