How to set up the connection

Interface Introduction

Settings button: Click to toggle "Off link" / "On link", Long press to enter the main menu interface

Confirm button: Click to reset the HOME point, in the main menu interface is the confirmation button.

GPS/LocalGPS Batt

GPS Satellites locked. If an external GPS is connected, GPS/LocalGPS will be displayed in 12/11 formation (GPS=12, Local=11) Batt (Voltage of the main battery) will be displayed alternatively here.


Distance of the plane (Not Available before SetHome)


Altitude of the plane (Not Available before SetHome)


Azimuth of the plane (Not Available before SetHome)


Video/Data downlink quality. (in %, ref to the “Downlink” chapter)


Current heading diretion of the tracker. If an external compass is connected, EDir will be displayed alternatively

Step 1

Long press the “setting button” (2-3S) to enter the setting interface.

Step 2

Click the “Settings button”, scroll down the menu bar, find “BaudRate”, and then press the “Confirm button” on the right to enter the baud rate selection interface.

Step 3

Select the baud rate “115200”, click the “Confirm button” on the right, and “OK” will appear, indicating that the baud rate is successfully set, and then long press the “setting button” to return to the main interface.

Step 4

It is recommended to calibrate the AAT before preparing to fly, long press the “Settings button”, find “CalCompass” and press the confirm button, the AAT will calibrate itself.

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