3.6. Preflight inspection

Click the "Pre-flight inspection" button to open the pre-flight inspection interface.

3.6.1. airspeed calibration.

The two of them cooperated and performed airspeed calibration according to the prompts.

3.6.2. Motor test.

Check the motor rotation one by one manually, make sure the motors on the drone rotates direction is the same as the in the software screen.

3.6.3. Mode test

Follow the instructioins in "Mode test" menu to check the servo control sufrace response in both Manual mode and FBWA mode.

3.6.4. Ground station mode switching check

Click the ground station mode command button in sequence and observe whether the mode switching is normal.

3.6.5. Check drone status.

Check if the GPS status, video&data link signal, battery voltage, heading direction are normal from ground control software, check if there is any warning.

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