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Click HERE to watch the tutorial video of installation and follow the following steps.

1. Ailerons

1.1 Straight the VTOL's 2 arms and fix the 4 sleeves firmly.
1.2 Fix the 2 internal ailerons to the fuselage by 4 buckles.
1.3 Fix the 2 external ailerons with 2 internal by 2 buckles below the aileron.

2. Tail

Fix the tail with the fuselage with 1 buckle on each side.

3. Payload box

3.1 Press the button and move from right to left to open the payloadbox.
3.2 Move the payload box from left to right to mount it, and make sure the lock is all right in place.

4.Center of gravity

Put the battery into the battery compartment, pull out the wings on both sides a little, and lift the plane vertically upward with two ropes (at the position in the picture below). You can confirm the center of gravity by adjusting the position of the battery or load.

5. Lipo battery installation

5.1 As shown in the figure below, power on one by one.
5.2 Click HERE to watch the battery installation instruction video.