1. 1.
    Connect VTOL arms and ailerons according to the corresponding hole position, and tighten it with the provided screws. Each aileron has one short and one long screw.
2. Insert the main carbon tube into the fuselage through the middle hole. After that assemble the ailerons and make sure the spring button has a pop-up.
3. Assemble the tails and make sure the spring button has a pop-up.
4. Install the VTOL and fixed wing propeller for each motor.
5. After the whole machine is installed, put the battery in the battery compartment, lift the aircraft horizontally upward at the designated position, and test whether the center of gravity is appropriate by adjusting the position of the battery. After the adjustment is completed, fix the battery firmly.
5. Fix the batteries in the front fuselage, connect the AS150/XT90 to power the drone.