Mission Planning

1. Pre-check before drawing the mission route

1.1 Make sure the lipo battery is full charged. The full voltage is 52.2V. It displayed on HUD
1.2 Make sure the calibration of accelerometer/compass/airpeed have done.
1.3 Make sure the orientation of the drone's head is correct.
1.4 Make sure the isn't an error/warning message on HUD
1.5 Make sure the Hdop<1, and Sats>15.
1.6 Make sure there is no more than 20m building within a 100m radius, no metal around the VTOL.
1.7 Make sure the drone's head is anti the wind.
1.8 Make sure the servos will react when pushing the knob of the RC controller.
1.9 Make sure the battery of the video transmitter/RC controller is enough.
1.10 Make sure all parts have been installed firmly, including propeller, arms, ailerons, tail, landing gear, antenna, and all buttons.
1.11 Strongly recommend 2 pilots to conduct the mission: one pilot controls the drone through an RC controller while the other pilot takes care of the data from ground control software.

2. Draw the mission route

2.1 First turn on the "Display point radius circle" and "Reverse RTL" switches, and then change the relevant parameters according to the specific task requirements.
2.2 After changing the parameters required for the mission, draw mission waypoints on the map on the right.
2.3 Click the “Auto route” button and confirm “Yes”, the software will automatically generate take-off and landing waypoints.
2.4 Check that the waypoint area is correct, click the “Write route” button to write the route, confirm “Yes”, and the regular route planning is completed.

3. Auto flight

3.1 Check HERE to watch the video tutorial.
3.2 Click the button below the map to quickly find the route.
3.3 Make sure the "Waypoint" takes off at point "1". If the "WAYPOINT" is not at point "1" , select "0(Home)" in the "Actions" interface, click the "Set Point" button to change the "WAYPOINT" to the point "1".
3.4 Check the battery voltage of the aircraft are normal.
3.5 Put the RC throttle at the low position and switch to "QHOVER" mode. (SC gear at low position).
3.6 Click
“Auto” to make the aircraft enter the auto mode, and then click
“ARM / Disarm” to unlock, the aircraft will automatically take off to perform the mission.After takeoff on the drone, return the remote control's throttle to middle.

4. Land the drone manually through RC

4.1 If you find that the landing point of the drone is not accurate enough, then you can adjust it a little bit through the radio controller; please check and follow the instructions photos below.
4.2 If you find the drone attitude is abnormal during the landing and the drone can not land safely on its own. Then, in this case, you must take full charge of the drone and land it manually.
4.2.1 Switch the SC gear of the remote control from "QHOVER" to "QLoiter", and then quickly switch back to "QHOVER" mode, then the plane will go to "QHOVER" manual mode.
4.2.2 Follow the instruction of 4.1 to land the drone.
Attention: Please DO NOT flip the mode gear (SC gear) of the RC during the auto flight unless you want to control the drone manually.

5. Mapping route setting