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  1. 1.
    Open the tripod and confirm that the lock is in place.
2. Put the middle wing above the fuselage and tighten it with 2 screws. Please connect the XT90 plug and the aviation plug at the same time.
3. Install the two copter arms with the middle wing board, and connect the power for motors. Fix the arms with two screws (one long in front, one short in back).
4. Connect the ailerons to the middle board. Ensure the signal cable for aileron servos is connected, and the locker has a pop-up.
5. Connect the two parts of the tails, then install with the two copter arms.
6. Install the tail propeller to the fuselage and tighten it with a wrench or pliers.
7. After the whole machine is installed, if you need to test the specific installation position of the battery, put the battery into the battery compartment, then open the middle wing cover and insert a carbon tube, as shown in the figure below.
8. After the leveling test is completed, secure the battery.