1. Aircraft fuselage installation

1.1 Landing gear installation: install the left and right brace (01), absorb sleeve (02), and screw down the opening (03).

1.2 Align the assembled bracket with the corresponding hole on the fuselage.

1.3 Fix the mounting carbon board under the fuselage(as shown in the picture below).

  1. If you have a KUA payload box, it can be installed together with the mounting bracket.

  2. To avoid the inconvenience of calibration due to the heavy weight of the whole machine after installation, the aircraft can be powered on and calibrated before the arms are assembled.

1.4 Install the 4 arms following the indicated number and tighten the propeller with a screwdriver, as shown in the figure below.

2. Battery installation

2.1 Fix the batteries (4 25000mAh batteries) in the fuselage,and power on according to the cable label

2.2 Close the cover and fasten the button.

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