Mapping route planning

  1. 1.
    After connecting to the plane, click to enter the Planning window interface, and click the “Mapping” button to open the “Survey and Mapping Toolbar”.
2. Click the
button to add the surveying and mapping target area.
3. After the target surveying area is added, click the
button to automatically generate the target area mapping route.
4. Setting steps of mapping camera (specific settings are as follows)
4.1 The corresponding camera model can be found in the default options
  • Step 1 . Set the corresponding camera model at [1]
  • Step 2 . Set the camera resolution at [2], and then Click the “Set Ground Resolution(cm)” button to write the resolution.
  • Step 3 . After setting, click [3] “ACCEPT” to write camera parameters.
4.2 If your camera model is not included in the default options, click to enter the “Camera Config” interface and set the corresponding parameters.
  • Step 1 . Set the parameters of your own camera and click “Load Sample Photo” “Save” to save the camera after setting.
  • Step 2 . Go back to “Simple”, click to select the camera model you just saved, then set the corresponding resolution, and click the “ACCEPT” button
4.3 According to actual surveying and mapping requirements, adjust the relevant parameters in the “Grid Options” panel.
4.4 The set parameters will be displayed in the “Stats” column at the bottom of the map.
Note: After setting the parameters, click “ACCEPT” to save. For more surveying and mapping questions, please click“” and consult online customer service.
5. After the camera is set up, Click “Accept” button to to generate an automatic route.
6. Check that the waypoint area is correct, click the [1] “Write route” button to write the mapping route, confirm “Yes”, and the mapping route planning is completed.
7. Mapping route setting video tutorial