1. Flying interface

1.1 Main flight interface parameter information and functions
1.Flight status and other information windows
2.Route planning, task planning window
3.Advanced mode parameter settings
4.Technical support, after-sales contact
5.Aircraft status aler
6.Aircraft status mode
7.GPS signal strength
8.Communication connection
9.Graphical display of flight data
10.Flight operation
11.Read and download flight log
12.Operation information
14.Flight time
15.Vertical distance from HOME point
16.Flying distance
17.Target waypoint distance/number
18.Map follows aircraft on/off
1.2 Optimized drone “Status” and onboard flight data
1.3 Flight operation
1.4 Read and download the flight log
1.5 The command window information bar

2. Planning interface

Introduction to the interface
1.Waypoint Information Panel
2.Route planning function button
3.Waypoint information
4.Display the waypoint circle radius
5.Select map
6.Location point

3. Setup interface

Advanced settings related to aircraft parameters

4. Support interface

Technical Support