Flight operation

Available operations during the auto flight
After the plane takes off, please observe the real-time flight attitude of the plane and pay attention to the various flight data. You can also perform the following operations after the plane takes off. Please refer to the following steps for specific feedback and operation content. For more flight problems, please consult the official online customer service for details, 24 hours Provide you with answers to difficult questions.
  1. 1.
    After the plane takes off, if you click the “Loiter” button.
  • 1.1 If the aircraft is VTOL, it will circle around the current position after receiving the “Loiter” command.
  • 1.2 If the aircraft is a multi-rotor drone, it will hover at its current position after receiving the “Loiter” command.
2. If you click “RTL”, the aircraft will switch to “RTL” mode for 1~2S, and then enter the “AUTO” mode, automatically fly back to the “Home”position.
3. Jump waypoints during flight ((Note: the waypoint jump command can only be effective in Auto mode)
3.1 In Auto mode, click the drop-down box in front of “Set Point” and select the “Number”of the waypoint that needs to be jumped, and then click “Set Point” button, the aircraft will jump directly to the requested waypoint position and continue to perform current route tasks.
3.2 Assumption: The aircraft is flying from “Waypoint 4” to “Waypoint 5” in the “Auto” mode.( NOTE: The “Fly to here” command can only take effect on VTOL drones.)
  • If you want the aircraft to fly to any other target location on the map in this scene, you only need to place the mouse on the map, right-click and select “Fly To Here”, the aircraft will switch to the “Guided” mode and fly to the target waypoint. After reaching the waypoint, the aircraft will circle around the target waypoint.
  • If you want the aircraft to continue to perform route tasks, click the “Auto” button to switch to Auto mode. The aircraft will fly to “Waypoint 5” and continue to perform route tasks.
4. It is also possible to adjust the airspeed and flight altitude of the aircraft during the flight.