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Control and configuration

Suppose "point N" is the area where you want to the drone to land and take off.
After the connection is successful, as shown in the figure below (Both video and control icons are displayed normally)

1. Live streaming

Click the
button to hide the operation panel, drag the mouse on the image window to move the gimbal; Double-click the target to enable the tracking function; Double-click the thermal image area on the upper right to switch the screen .

2. Angle position

Choose a coordinate in the small window, or input a certain Yaw and Pitch value, then click “Go” to the specified angle directly.

3. Gimbal control

You can use the up, down, left, and right buttons to control the gimbal movement, and click the
button to return to center.

4. Camera control

4.1 Image window

YDlink will recognize the gimbal cameras automatically after connected. The control interfaces will be renew according to specific models.

4.2 Adcanced

4.3 Laser

If the gimbal camera has a laser function, the control panel will be enable.