Warning and Disclaimer

Sky Eye-I 1080P is a gimbal designed for 10X zoom camera for drone aerial inspection,surveillance,search and rescue mission.It consists of HD 10X optical zooming camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal,which is able to take and record 1080p 30fps video to an on board TF card, giving you a stable eye in the sky that can be controlled via drone pilot or a secondary individual allowing for an overhead view that can cover a large amount of ground quickly and effectively. The 10X zoom function will allow you to remain at a distance yet zoom closely in on anything that requires your attention.

  1. Make sure not to adjust the gimbal or change its mechanical structure by yourself.

  2. Be sure tomount the camera to gimbal before power on,and then install the gimbal on the aircraft.

  3. To avoid gimbal performance degradation or damage caused by imbalanced payload,please do not add otherperipherals for the gimbal camera (filter,hood,etc).

  4. When in aerial photography,make sure your aircraft flight control system is working at the safe mode.

  5. We strongly recommend that you remove aircraft propellers before doing gimbal configuration.Use extranon-power battery for gimbal.Keep children away from the preset flight region.

  6. Considering that we are not able to control user's specific usage,installation, assembly,modification( including the use of non-specified parts ),and improper use. Direct or indirect damage or injurycaused by the behavior above, our company will not cover any loss and responsibility.

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