“Follow Me" function Setting (optional)

Fellow me is a customized function, and the home point can be moved, so that the aircraft can follow the home point to return after completing the mission.
  1. 1.
    Before executing the mission route, on the “Flying” interface, right-click the map, click “Fellow me” to activate the follow function panel, enter the corresponding parameters in turn, and connect.
[1] COM [2]Baud rate [3]Frequency [4] GPS real-time information
Note: To turn on the “Fellow me” function and connect before the plane takes off, please do not close the “Fellow me” window after the connection is completed. (Window can be minimized/maximized) If you close the “Fellow me”window accidentally, the tracking function will not work properly.
2. After the setting is completed, wait for the aircraft to complete the route task, in the “Flying” interface, open the “Actions” window, click the “RTL” button, the aircraft will follow the ground terminal HOME point to execute the return home command.