1. Network segment setting

Make the network segment of your PC or laptop to 192 . 168 . 1 . 3.

2. Login Image Transmission Control System Toolbar

After checking the wiring and installation of the equipment, open the browser, enter the corresponding IP address (the air unit ”” / the ground unit ""), and enter the N15 setting interface
  • Username required : admin
  • Requires a password : admin
  • Click to log in

3. Baud rate setting

Make sure the baud rate of Videopass-N30 (both air and ground unit) is the same as autopilot. How to do it: take the ground unit, for example.
Step 1. Enter the IP address of the ground unit ( and log in.
Step 2. Click the “Menu” button, and then click to open the “Serial port configuration” interface, and change the corresponding baud rate according to specific requirements.
According to the above method, set the baud rate of the air unit.
Airunit IP address is :